is a new and innovative on-line leadership forum created by Stuart Levine & Associates LLC to serve as a dynamic resource and tool for young professionals committed to advancing their careers.

It is also for managers who need to effectively lead a multi-generational workforce, and motivate, mentor and guide these young professionals.

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The CEOs that our firm has guided have transformed their organizations and have become major success stories in their industries. The principles that created their success, are the same ones this site will focus on.

This site is meant to be a place for sharing ideas, experiences and practical answers for the multiple business challenges we all face on a daily basis. We're excited to have you here to help us shape this exciting new venture!

Your professional success will impact the lives of many others through the mission-driven results you achieve, both personally and professionally.

We hope to be part of that success.

Harriet Levine
President, Stuart Levine & Associates LLC